Weekly Update 3

Accomplishments and road-ahead

2 Weeks Ago

Players Guide Two βœ… Setup Smoke RPC Node 🀞 (ON HOLD) Website Go Live at Qwoyn.io βœ… Create Test Tokens βœ… Partnership with @canna-curate βœ…

Last Week

Players Guide Three 🀞 (Coming this week) Acquire HashKings.com Domain Name (~4500USD)πŸ›‘ (**Price is too high** _not acquired_) Migrate HashKings Discord Server to [Canna-Curate Discord (2 Week Process) βœ… Redefining business Plan to include new marketing partnership with @canna-curateβœ… Redesigned [Qwoyn.io]( to include @canna-curate βœ… Created [Canna-curate.com](http://canna-curate.com) redirect to βœ… Installed SSL on [Canna-curate Website](https://qwoyn.com) for user security βœ… Created [HashKings Dispensary]( on Canna-curate.com βœ… Installed Steem Connect user Login and Registration on website. Thank you @busy.org βœ…

The road ahead

Players Guide Three 🀞 Game Testing β™₯ (Next couple of weeks) Begin Seed Sales 🀞 Configure user profiles on [Canna-curate.com]( 🀞 Provide Ethereum Alpha Buyers with Steem Equivalent 🀞

Endorsements and Highlights

There were some great posts written this week which we re-smoked on our page. Please show take a look and show some love. epileptic-patients-denied-right-to-use-cbd-oil If you have enjoyed this post please read more Here

Please join the [Canna-Curate Server](https://discord.gg/puN4BQa) with HashKings and be part of this exciting new adventure! 2019 has arrived along with Canna-Curate the #1 cannabis curator on Smoke and Steemit —

_We do not ask for donations_ but you can help by Voting for Hashkings and Canna-curate witnesshttps://smoke.io/~witnesses )*** on Smoke.io

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