HashKings Planet Plots

Growing Cannabis outdoor in our blockchain environment requires land.  We have created an entire planet for our farmers, and because Landraces are regionally specific we have provided you with all of the best locations. HashKings Planet gives you the ability to grow the tallest, biggest yielding plants and become a HashKings land baron.

How does this work?

We have divided the planet into 6 Regions containing 5 Sectors each allowing for 4200 6 by 6 total plots of land. This means 25,200 total Plots are available on HashKings Planet. Sectors are assigned ratings from 8 to 10 based on the amount of Sunlight and the Soil Quality

The land is distributed in the following manner:

  • Sector E
    • 40% of Region
      • 1680 Plots
      • Rating of 8
  • Sector D
    • 30% of Region
      • 1260 Plots
      • Rating of 8.5
  • Sector C
    • 15% of Region
      • 630 Plots
      • Rating of 9
  • Sector B
    • 10% of Region
      • 420 Plots
      • Rating of 9.5
  • Sector A
    • 5% of Region
      • 210 Plots
      • Rating of 10



Regional Characteristics

  1. Inland climate
  2. Arid
  3. Semiarid steppe


Regional Characteristics

  1. Two types of Climate
    1. An upland tropical on the windward side of the mountains
    2. Semiarid on the leeward side.
  2. Warm trade winds from the east and northeast bring rainfall throughout the year.


Regional Characteristics

  1. Along the coast it is hot and humid
  2. Inland communities at higher elevations such as Guadalajara (5200 ft above sea level) and in particular close-by Lake Chapala, are much dryer and more temperate.


Regional Characteristics

  1. Six main climate zones
    1. Equatorial
    2. Humid Tropical
    3. Tropical
    4. Sem-desert
    5. Mediterranean
    6. Desert

Central and South America

Regional Characteristics

  1. Overall humid, tropical climate with distinct dry and rainy seasons throughout the region.
  2. Weather can vary from country to country, and some countries have multiple climate zones


Regional Characteristics

  1. Mainly tropical-hot and humid all year round with plentiful rainfall

Land Use

The land for sale is known as 6 by 6 plots.  This means that you are able to grow 36 plants on your property.  These plants typically grow up to three times the size of indoor plants and yield three times as much.  Use your land to grow 36 plants that yield up to 432 seeds total.

Improve your land buy going to our marketplace and purchasing equipment for your farm.  Does your land offer lots of water? Buy an irrigation pump to water your crops more efficiently and pay less gas in the process.

Once all 25,200 plots of land are sold we will provide the option of subdividing your land in to 2 by 2 plots which allow for 4 plants max.  The plots can either be sold or rented out depending on your business model. The only way to purchase land is through a private seller once all 25,200 6 by 6 plots are sold.

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