HashKings WhitePaper V2


HashKings® is a Steem based Crypto Cannabis Farming and Trading Game. Purchase seeds and propagate your own indoor or outdoor plants. HashKings® allows you to harvest your plants, dry them and cure the buds. Once finished sell them in our dispensary/marketplace. We made it easy and fun to grow your own crypto weed. Become a hobby grower or work your way to Cannabis Connoisseur by using top of the line nutrients and grow equipment available in our marketplace.


HashKings® is not only fun but also an educational tool.  We have compiled decades of Cannabis data in order to provide you with the most realistic experience.  This includes learning how to grow in soil or hydro, cloning your plants and mothering them. We have also included the breeding and harvesting processes.  As the legalization of cannabis continues to take hold all over the world it is important for everyone to become familiar with the process and know the differences between organic and non-organic growing methods. As HashKings® grows and features are added we will also add more tutorials and resources for growing your own cannabis at home under legal conditions. *State Laws Apply

Game Assets

HashKings has many assets to choose from.  Our assets vary between characters and grow equipment for personalizing your growing experience.

Below are the Original HashKings®.

  1. Cannabis

The Cannabis Group includes all the stages of growth from Seeds to Buds.  We have made it possible for you to create your own hash, shatter and wax which are included in this group.

  1. Resources

We have provided many resources for users to grow Crypto Cannabis.  Choose from a different soil mediums, nutrients, lights and much more included in the Resources Group to fine tune your crops needs.

  1. HashKings Planet

For our Outdoor Grows we have designed an entire Blockchain Ecosystem complete with all the best growing regions on Earth.


HashKings® allows for many options when it comes to growing Cannabis.  Indoor using hydroponic systems, soil or other mediums. Customize your feeding/watering schedule or let us take care of most of the work and grow in the Qwoyn Nursery.

This game is based on actual strains and there can be consequences if they do not get the proper care.  Not watering your plant? Your plant may die if you go that route. Give your plant lots of love, good nutrients and plenty of water and watch it grow in to a beautiful and healthy tree.

When you first log in to the game you will want to head to the Qwoyn dispensary and purchase yourself some seeds from a collection of Landrace Sativa or Indica. Once you have acquired a minimum of one seed you can begin to grow using Qwoyns Nursery. The duration of growing your plant from seed to sale is 12 to 24+ weeks.  Don’t worry, we have chosen to speed up time for this game which means 1 Day in real life is equal to 1 week in-game. This means that it won’t take more than a month to harvest.

Connoisseur Mode is not for the lazy

Once you have grown your first plant using our Nursery Mode you might feel you are ready to step it up and make your way to becoming HashKing. Connoisseur Mode is not for the faint of heart.  You will get bugs, you will deal with issues, equipment breaks and powdery mildew is real. This mode takes much more commitment and is fully customizable. In order to grow in Connoisseur Mode you are required to purchase a minimum amount of equipment listed below. This mode has many more options available to you.

  1. Basic Gameplay (Connoisseur Mode)
    1. User buys grow equipment
      1. Tent
      2. Lights
      3. Soil
      4. Nutrients
        1. Custom or premix
    2. User buys seed
    3. Each Week Comes with Multiple Options
      1. OPTIONS:
        1. Watering
        2. Feeding
          1. Type of nutrient?
        3. Raise light
        4. Lower light
        5. Check PH
        6. Use Lupe
        7. Flush
        8. Change water
        9. Install Automated System
        10. Prune
        11. Train
        12. Treat for Pests/Molds
        13. Install Equipment
        14. Kill Plant
        15. Clone
        16. Convert to Mother/Father
        17. Harvest
        18. Process Buds
          1. Bud Tokens
    4. User can also check the growth history, equipment, progress and health of plant
    5. Weeks 0 – 2
      1. User Plants seed to create seedling
      2. Water/Feed etc
    6. Weeks 3 – 6
      1. Vegetative Plant
    7. Week 7 – 15
      1. Water 12 times
    8. Nursery Trims, Dries and Cures your weed
      1. 4 weeks until cured weed
    9. After 4 weeks user sells bud in the Marketplace
  1. Hurdles during Grow (Indoor)
    1. Insects (Remedy: Pesticides either Chem or Organic)
    2. Mold
      1. Bud Rot
      2. Powdery Mildew
    3. Climate Control
      1. Too Hot
        1. May burn
        2. May not uptake nutrients
      2. Too Humid
      3. Nutrient Burn
      4. Nutrient Deficiency
      5. Root Lock
      6. Over/Under-watering
      7. Weak Stems
  1. Extended Gameplay Options
    1. Make extracts and oils
    2. Growing Outdoor


Rewards and Achievements

To work your way up to HashKing you will need to complete several Achievements and earn Rewards and Badges. We have Broken it down in to 5 Levels.

Death and Expiration

Almost every item has an expiration date or limited amount of uses.  This means for example if you purchase a bottle of nutrients it only has ~10 uses.  Once you have used the item the maximum amount of times you can recycle it or keep it as a souvenir (Keep in mind, storing garbage in your grow room can be hazardous). The same concept goes for lights, fans and soil etc..

Weed is a plant and when growing weed in the garden things can happen, bugs may invade your crop or mold may take over and this may cause your plant to die.  Yes, your token may be in jeopardy of being deemed useless if you join the ranks of Connoisseur Mode and don’t tend to your plants properly. Don’t worry though we have provided you with all the necessary resources and a fool proof guide* to growing healthy bug free cannabis every time, just follow the instructions.

*see our website for growing guides

You may encounter Insects attacking your plants, mold, root rot and a list of other hazards when growing indoor.  The frequency of this depends on a few different factors. First we assign you a gardner Rating which will be represented as a percentage.  This number starts at 100 Percent for every new grower and can fluctuate from there, never exceeding 100 percent and never dropping below 0%.  If you reach 0% you will start over again at 100 percent. The easiest way to keep your rating at 100% is to keep your Grow Room or Nursery Inventory clean.  Please recycle used up resources and broken equipment. The closer you can ride the line to our guide the less your percentage drops. Be a good responsible gardner and you will be just fine.


When users log on to the dApp they will want to visit our Marketplace and purchase characters, seeds and other cannabis products. If the user already owns some of the items then they may also use the Marketplace to sell their purchased game assets.


After purchasing seeds or clones users may choose to either plant their newly acquired products or propagate them using our Nursery or Indoor techniques. We have outlined the growing styles below beginning with Nursery Crops.

Nursery Mode

Allows the user to spend less tending to their plants.  Allow our gardners to take care of most of it for you. We have pre determined grow cycles which include our special mix of nutrients and professional care.  Seedlings, Veg Plants and Flowering Plants cannot be sold once in the nursery. You may however take clones and propagate them as long as you own a Cloning Kit.


Allows for greater margins of error.  This is for pros only, your plant CAN DIE at any point in this process.  Forget to water it? Your plant may not recover. Did you forget to move the lights up?  Oops, your plant may burn. How about the light cycle? Are you keeping the lights at 16 and 8 during veg? If you answered no, then your plant may start flowering early.  Watering your plant may also not be enough. Make sure to visit the marketplace to purchase nutrients so you can grow a strong and healthy plant.

As the plant grows you are in charge of its health and in charge of the cleanliness of your grow room among other factors which means not all plants will be created equal.  Your blue dream might end up better than others because you may have decided to feed it properly and not skip any days.


When your plant reaches maturity and is ready for flowering you will notice a change in the nodes of the plants branches.  You may notice little clusters of grapes or beautiful calyx forming. This is how you tell the sex of your plant. If you see grapes you have a male plant and if you see calyx then you have a female.


Looking to make your own cannabis cup winning strain?  Use pollen from either your own male plant or purchase pollen in the marketplace and spread it on your flowering female plant. After a few weeks you will have your own seeds.



  • Mother Mode (Power Up)
  • Nutrients adds Power
    • Can feed once a day
    • Different nutrient packs available
    • Must be fed once a week
      • Will die after not feeding after 4 weeks
        • Death converts to steem/smoke power directly
      • Can be overfed
  • Water adds Power
    • Can Water once a day
    • Must be fed once a week
      • Will die after not feeding after 2 weeks
        • Death converts to steem/smoke power directly.
        • Can over water
  • Pruning
    • Can prune once every 4 weeks (refer to clone tokens)
  • Power Down
    • Kills Plant
    • 13 Weeks
    • Weekly Pay outs

Bud Tokens

  • Created from completing full growth cycle seed to harvest
  • Can be sold on market or traded
  • Proof of full cycle

Seed Tokens

  • 16k Gen0
    • 1000 of Each Land Race
  • Gen0 Bought in dispensary
  • Created from breeding
    • Carry genetic traits from mother and father
  • Used to make plants

Clone Tokens

  • Carry same gene as mother/father +1 Gen
  • 2 clones Created every 2 weeks by mother

Plot Tokens

  • 25,200 Gen0 Plots
  • Can be subdivided +1 Gen
    • Rented out or Sold +1 Gen
      • Cannot be subdivided

Income Model

Initial Seed Sales

Qwoyn HashKings®® is selling 1000 seeds each of the 16 Landrace strains we have available f $5 per seed . As more strains come are discovered we will also sell 1000 seeds of those.  After that, the only way to get seeds will be through breeding. To find out more about Landrace Strains please visit https://www.leafly.com/news/cannabis-101/the-cannabis-origin-what-is-a-landrace-strain.

Equipment Sales

Qwoyn HashKings® will be selling nutrients and indoor grow equipment for various fixed prices* in our online marketplace for continued grow operation support.

*See our website for a complete list of prices

Marketplace Percentage

Qwoyn will receive 2.5% of individual sales of assets on our marketplace.

HashKings Planet Land Sales

For those professional outdoor growers we are providing prime real estate for your growing needs.  We are selling 6 by 6 plots of land in all the various regions of the earth from Afghanistan to Jamaica.  Landraces won’t just grow in any outdoor conditions if you are trying to grow an African strain in the Mountains it may not work out so well.  For this reason we allow everyone to purchase the correct property for the correct strain.

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